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Martin Bewick

Hi there... and welcome to Lifestyle magazine’s online pages. We aim to pack Lifestyle with all the up-to-date news about the Motability Scheme, plus information and advice that will help you get the most from your Motability vehicle. In every issue you’ll also find a lively mix of features – with real-life stories from Motability customers, great ideas for getting active and trying new activities, travel guides with an emphasis on accessibility and, of course, some insightful road tests of cars available on the Motability Scheme. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Martin Bewick, Editor

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Even if you're not a Motability Scheme customer, you can receive Lifestyle by subscription. The UK rate is £10 per annum for four issues, inclusive of postage and packing.

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Lifestyle - issue 95

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Hello... The coming months – with their longer days and warmer weather – are a good time to get out of the house and take in some fresh air. In this issue, our feature about accessible camping shows that an outdoor holiday is a fun option that can help you get the most out of the summer ahead. And if you're not up for camping, what about a day visiting a safari park, or one of the many other options for getting up close to the animal kingdom? We have suggestions for that, too. We also hear from powerchair footballers, a dressmaker and a busy working mum, as well as an update from our columnist adventurer, Rory. It's a packed issue, so get stuck in!

Lifestyle - issue 94

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Hello... Has the new year brought plans for the coming months, a moment for quiet reflection, or both? In this issue we make space for each of these. Rory Mackenzie tells us about his goal of jet skiing round Ireland, while another intrepid explorer, Michael McGrath, tells us how inspirational experience days for young disabled people bring fun and build self-confidence. Meanwhile, we hear about taking up music as a hobby, and set off on a tour of the western Highlands. Planning a trip, or a day away, provides something to look forward to during the cold winter days. And as for quiet contemplation, see our feature on page 46. Making time for ‘mindfulness’ has its merits, too.

Lifestyle - issue 93

Issue cover Click the cover to read

Hello... Reflecting on the year as it draws to a close, you might realise that some are easier or better than others. Life doesn’t roll out in an even-handed way, and when you face difficulties it’s always good to ask for help. That’s the theme of our feature Peer Power in this issue of Lifestyle. It takes a look at how newly disabled people can find support. For anyone who has been disabled for some time, it serves as a reminder that assistance is out there – sometimes you just need to ask. Elsewhere we meet customer Jason Evans at charity DMUK, and online blogger Bunny Hopkins, who tells us about using social media to share her experience of disability.